Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Un'altra come te

Well as title said, Un'altra Come Te is an Italian song by the Italian band Finley which roughly translates as "another like you"

The song is directed to a girl and it's pretty harsh lol. It's about a guy who met a girl who's ruining his life and he wished that he never met her.

When the song starts it sounds like oldies, but then somewhere in the middle the song started to change both in pace and tone.

An excerpt of the lyrics

un'altra stronza come te
io non l'ho mai incontrata
dal giorno che sei nata tu rovini la mia vita
tu mi hai usato, poi buttato e senza una ragione
e mi hai lasciato con in mano solo una canzone

Which translates as (lol I used google translator)

another bitch like you
I've never met
from the day you were born ruining my life
I've used you, and then thrown without a reason
and you left me holding just a song

But anyway I like the song :p

I like to listen to foreign songs that I don't really understand, don't know why.

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