Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Un'altra come te

Well as title said, Un'altra Come Te is an Italian song by the Italian band Finley which roughly translates as "another like you"

The song is directed to a girl and it's pretty harsh lol. It's about a guy who met a girl who's ruining his life and he wished that he never met her.

When the song starts it sounds like oldies, but then somewhere in the middle the song started to change both in pace and tone.

An excerpt of the lyrics

un'altra stronza come te
io non l'ho mai incontrata
dal giorno che sei nata tu rovini la mia vita
tu mi hai usato, poi buttato e senza una ragione
e mi hai lasciato con in mano solo una canzone

Which translates as (lol I used google translator)

another bitch like you
I've never met
from the day you were born ruining my life
I've used you, and then thrown without a reason
and you left me holding just a song

But anyway I like the song :p

I like to listen to foreign songs that I don't really understand, don't know why.

At my hometown again...,for 2 weeks

Haha only now then I feel like writing something in my blog..it's been stagnant for a couple of months I think. Sometimes I really wish that I'm like the other bloggers with their ways of putting their thoughts in words but I often have a writer's block Everytime I want to start writing.

Anyway I'm in my lovely hometown Keningau since 2 days ago..I think I was stupid at the day of my flight where I didn't sleep until 4 am..crazy I tell you cause I'm damn freaking tired inside the plane afterwards. And the crying baby behind did not help lol. So damn irritating man.

So I'll return to my college in UPM this 17th, and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Btw I don't really care about my lack of updates cause I don't thinkanyone really reads my blog anyway, but...nevermeind just forget about it.

Till then, hasta luego y muchisimas gracias para leer-ing. (Sorry mi espaƱol sucks as I just started learning haha)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Damn it's been almost 3 months since the last time I updated my blog lol :p

Well it's been about 4 days since I come back to my lovely hometown Keningau. I was so happy to be finally get back here. I think my 4th sem in UPM was such a freaking chaos. I become lazier and well, less organized. That damn college thing also caused unnecessary worry and frustration to me, but now that it's over I wouldn't talk about it.

I have no particular plan for this holiday, though I would be spending most of the time at my home. Next semester I will be taking Spanish just for fun, some may say I'm a fool for wasting my 5th sem, but I've always wanted to learn it since I'm 14 haha.

I've bought 2 novels before I go back here, "The Harrowing" by Alexandra Sokoloff and "Excavations" by James Rollins. I think I've been downloading and watching South Park episodes for almost everyday since last week haha. I don't know what got me into that series but it's so damn funny and interesting, though may be a bit offensive to some.

Well that's all I can rant for today and let's just hope that the next update won't be as long as 2 months later...XD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No lights, no water and...

Hiya folks, I know, haha I've not updated my blog for a long time, I don't know why..everytime I tried to write something I just feel kinda distracted..

By the way, now is Chinese New year holiday and I'm stuck at my college..but the worst thing is they switched off the corridor lights at night..and today the water supply's been cut off..I don't know how long this will last but I sure hope it'll end soon..this is crazy, man. Like in my native language 'mamatai tulun noh kopio'..haha

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The new semester begins...

I can't believe that time flies so fast lol. I'm now already in my 4th sem in UPM, and I've just returned from my beloved hometown on Jan 3rd (haha I did skip one week)

New year resolution..nah, I ain't got one. Seriously. I don't even think about it, let this year be a relaxing and laid-back one.

This damn cold won't let me relax though, stupid cold.

I know that I didn't update my blog often, haha but this year I hope that I can update at least once a week lol.

I wanted to type more, but ran out of words already...so that's all for now, and enjoy this comic strip (taken from humon in dA, her SatW series are hilarious lol)

Monday, August 3, 2009

A new post for the new sem...haha

Yeah I now, it's been ages since the last time I wrote anything on my blog... It's not that I don't want to..just feeling a bit lazy..hehe.

Lol yeah the damn H1N1 has caused a lot of problems here..stupid outbreak. UPM has been closed for a week since this 29th July until 4th Aug..that's annoying lol.

And yeah for the whole week I only survived on bread..haha. I wonder if I'll die from malnutrition..haha. Actually I'm quite surprised that my roomate's coming back this day..sooo early lol..haha. I was just beginning to love it sleeping alone..haha.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Best Days

Best Days - Matt White

Every time I look at you
You always look so beautiful
Driving on the road again
the Chevy's packed
And it is dusk
And I will take some photographs
So I can dream of you

Can't say I've felt such twisting
In my heart this way we pitch a tent
and have one sleeping bag
To stay away The fires burning,
softly singing songs
So close to you

Do you believe In love at first sight
I think you do
We're lying naked under the covers
Those are the best days of my life

Can't take away those times
We stayed up and we talked all night
Chain smokin' cigarettes and
Three bottles of red wine
Falling asleep together
Holding your body close to mine

Oh and in the morning
Your eyes opened so innocent
The sun is blazing we are sweaty
You look lovely
Nothing else matters anymore
cause you're In my arms again

Do you believe In love at first sight
I think you do
We're lying naked under the covers
Those are the best days of my
Those are the best days of my
Those are the best days of my life

Oh I never wanna be without you
So just stay with me
I will love you endlessly
Oh oh darling, darling Ooooooooh

Oh darling, darling
Do you believe In love at first sight
I think you do
We're lying naked under the covers
Those are the best days of my life

Do you believe In love at first sight
I think you do
We're lying naked under the covers
Those are the best days of my
Those are the best days of my
Those are the best days of my life